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    Peeling Women off the Ceiling

    Strategies for your best life.
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    A 6-part online bootcamp to give you mastery of your own mind:

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    • Fast and effective solutions to stress
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  • Dr. Linda Wilson

    Stress Made Easy

    Peeling women off the ceiling

    ‘If you want to win the war against stress and the impact it has on your life, this is the book for you.’ Andrew Griffiths, Author of The Me Myth and 101 Ways to have a Business and a Life Buy now
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    Dr Stress Less

    Corporate stress management programs

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Stress made easy

This easy to read book is a step by step guide to restoring balance, passion and fulfillment to your life.

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Corporate Programs

Dr Stress Less is a customised range of powerful programs to address stress and improve performance in the workplace.

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Online Course

A guided series to greater fulfillment and happiness. Step through with Dr Linda Wilson at your own time and pace.

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Searching for Balance, Control and Adaptability? Discover proven techniques for a fulfilled and passionate life.

Is stress or anxiety sabotaging your happiness and fulfillment?

Are you stuck in a loop continuously reacting in the same negative ways?

Do you want to release old patterns and create the life you desire?


Through Dr Linda’s Stress Made Easy book or online bootcamp you can immediately learn the tools and skills to create meaningful and lasting change.

Learn how and why you experience, create and perpetuate stress, how to change the way you view yourself and the world and create transformation in your life to live it the way you really want to.

The wise, compassionate and scientifically based strategies in Linda's webinars and book have helped many people restore their lives to health and happiness!