About Dr. Linda Wilson

Hello and welcome.

For some of you it is important to know my ‘on paper’ qualifications so here they are:

  • Doctor Traditional Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture)
  • Graduate Diploma Education (Health)
  • Faster EFT Practitioner 
  • 17 years clinical experience in my own practice

HOWEVER, none of this tells you why I am qualified to serve you.

I have spent many years of my life looking for ways to break out of old habits, beliefs and stress. Whether being a daughter, sister, aunt, student, mum, corporate escapee, wife, practitioner, author, presenter, speaker and small business owner I have often had to wrestle myself forward when stuck in overwhelm, disconnection or disillusion. 

At times it has been an incredibly lonely journey. I was scared of being judged for somehow being ‘less than’. I know you have also experienced a sense of isolation as you wrangle yourself through your life. What I know now is that millions of incredible women worldwide are putting their truth, heart, brilliance and stories on hold because they are stagnating in stress and other emotions that no longer serve them.


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What I am passionate about is accelerating YOUR transformation. YOU can be WHO you want and achieve WHAT you want and bring your unique gifts to the world - even when it is hard. I have discovered some tools and techniques and I want you to have them! In 17 years experience my clients struggle in one of four areas – relationships, parenting, career or personal identity. They feel stagnant, blocked, fed up and defeated. Therefore, what you most need to know about me is that I have been there and I know how to breakthrough! 

You can feel confidant I have LIFE training in:

Friendship, Compassion, Courage, Motherhood, Relationships, Grief and Emotional breakthroughs. These are the things that really inform my support of you.

I live in Melbourne with my beautiful family including one fluffy white puppy dog called Tink. I love to read, talk and drink good coffee.