Stress Made Easy – Peeling Women off the Ceiling

Is an honest exposé of the author's journey through stress, anxiety and overwhelm. Using cutting edge research to support ancient knowledge, it reveals a deeply compassionate perspective on stress and offers proven and surprisingly simple ways to dramatically improve your day-to-day experience.

  • Understand the causes of negative behaviours
  • Learn how and why stress triggers are created and how to change your response
  • Learn the unique and powerful 5 Step Process to improve your quality of life
  • Easy and enjoyable to read
  • Personal anecdotes and real life case studies bring this fascinating book to life
  • Get control back of your life


Every chapter comes with Reader Activities so you are actively involved in learning new techniques for living a happier and more fulfilled life

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'Dr Linda Wilson was was the first to link FasterEFT tools to 'stress management'... you will gain enormous benefit from her knowledge.'

Robert G. Smith,
CEO Skills for Change
Institute Inc.
'If you want to win the war against stress and the impact it has on your life, this is the book for you.'

Andrew Griffiths,
Author of The Me Myth and 101
Ways to have a Business and a Life
' The cover of Stress made Easy - Peeling Women off the Ceiling by Dr Linda Wilson, says it all.  Stress in women is a subject very close to my heart, and this book lays it all out in a very simple manner.  Created like a workbook, where you get some information then assess your own life situation and then take some action steps to change.  Dr Linda Wilson has used a very easy to follow 5 step process to reducing stress and changing your life. I would highly recommend this book for any woman who is climbing the walls with stress and wants to come back down to earth.'

Angela Counsel,
Naturopath, Lifestyle Coach and
Author of Secret Mums’ Business