Stress Management Training Programs that Empower your People

How healthy is your workplace? 

Safe Work Australia estimates that stress costs Australian businesses more than $10 billion per year. Some of this is in workers compensation claims, and also in associated costs such as lost time.

A happy workplace is a healthy and profitable workplace. There’s no two ways about it. If you are serious about your employees’ wellbeing and your bottom line then get on top of managing stress in the workplace.
Dr Stress Less offers a range of programs, tailored to your workplace

  • Increase productivity and motivation
  • Give people the skills and tools to manage stress
  • Decrease internal conflicts
  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Tips and tools for dealing with challenging work relationships
  • Techniques for managing change positively
  • Help high achievers perform even better
Empowering your people with better tools to manage stress in the workplace makes better teams and creates a natural environment for productivity and innovation.
Stress Less Workshop includes:

  • A customisable workshop for your organisation tailored to the attendee’s unique circumstances
  • One full day of training: empowering your employees to take control of their emotional wellbeing
  • Optional 2 days of individual stress management sessions where employess get to directly work on addressing their stress
  • Workbook and other resources
  • Ongoing support if required with follow up sessions and training (negotiable)
  • Happier, smarter and calmer employees resulting in increased productive, and contribution and decreasing absenteeism and work place stress.
  • By booking a workshop you get a 50% discount off future one-on-one sessions with Dr Stress Less
The Dr Stress Less Difference

  • The reason the Dr Stress Less workshops are so effective is the unique and broad range of experience and expertise that program Director and Lead Trainer Dr Linda Wilson brings.

  • With a background in both the corporate arena and in running her own successful business and managing a team of staff, Dr Wilson has the hands on experience to understand the many different stresses you and your employees might be facing.

  • Add to this Dr Wilson’s qualifications in both Education and Traditional Chinese Medicine and her work with individuals to find positive ways to manage anxiety, stress and a range of other issues, and you will find a stress management training program full of practical, workable, effective techniques.
  • "I was feeling so exhausted; it was four months into my work year and I felt like I do at the end of the year. I couldn’t imagine how I was going to last and it was stressing me enormously … In ten minutes the difference you made was huge. I felt like I had control back over how I felt and my life was manageable again. Thankyou."

    Leanne Watson, Mortgage Planner
  • "The course was very well structured and informative, giving real-life understanding of the daily issues many of us face. I found the information very useful in giving a firm insight into my personal stress and how I can easily manage and reduce daily stress levels using the simple techniques provided in the workshop. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to curb their stress levels and learn how to reduce them to a manageable level."

    Robert Raco
    Customer Interaction Consultant
    Customer Interaction Centre
    BMW Group
  • "This was really different content to what I have seen before and very engaging. I will be thinking more about my expectations, how I associate meaning to my reactions and definitely use the techniques."

    Renee Holland
    Learning and Organisational Development Manager – VIC
    Human Resources
    BMW Group, Financial Services
  • "Linda is a compelling speaker and presenter who builds trust and confidence with her audience. I feel empowered to manage the difficult emotions within me versus suppressing them and ultimately exploding. Thank you Linda for this life changing tool!"

    Yvonne Kerridge
    National Sales Manager
  • "Linda's workshop allowed me to have a better understanding of how to manage my stress, instead of allowing it to get so bad that I become reactive. Thank you!"

    Renie Johnson
    Regional Sales Manager
  • "I have never really sat in anything like this before. However, I enjoyed it and will find it very useful."

    Emily Schmidt
    Regional Sales Manager – South Australia